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This candle enhances a soothing ambiance to the atmosphere and has the ability to relieve tension, stress and anxiety. Directly extracted smell from fresh flower.

Citrus Punch

It is made from mixture of citrus fruits (Orange Lemon Grapefruit). It has the ability to provide a refreshing scent in a warm atmosphere and helps to relax a persons mind.  

Arabian Oudh

Like its name the strong fragrance is believed to be perfect to lighten up on a cold and rainy evening.

Vanilla Bean

  Our vanilla bean candle is made up of intoxicating Vanila, Hot Milk, Almond, Sweet Cream,Vanilla Bean, Sandalwood) made for holistic therapeutic care for providing well-being to the body, mind, and spirit. This scent is refreshing and relaxing which has the ability to lift your mood and help you feel better.  

Romance Mood

Packing: Glass Burn Time: 30-35 Hours Weight: 180g Wax: Premium Grade Parasoy Wax Wick: 100% Natural Fiber

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