About us

We Promise that our handcrafted products made with love and nature’s finest plants and oils would relax you and uplift your mood

About Our Products

It all began from our love for different scents, which were mainly from our nature’s plants. Their delightful and floral aroma made me ponder over the idea of integrating these exquisite scents into our varying range of products to reflect upon the calmness that each of these scents bring and enlighten our mood.
We believe that during the busy days at works, a delightful aroma was something that had always soothed our minds and made us function better. Scents were something that we always believed gave some sense of identity to a person, a surrounding and an atmosphere in general. Our nature never disappointed us as we are blessed with a abundant supply of plants to incorporate them in our daily lives in ways which brighten up our day, mood or the surrounding.
Research has indicated that Smell has the capacity to cross the blood-barrier and travel to the central nervous system. Through the olfactory system, scents have direct access to the limbic area of the brain, which is termed the “emotional center of the brain.” Our emotions and our sense of smell are highly attached.

Our Candles are made from Premium quality and high grade wax, natural fiber wick making it the most environmental friendly choice.
Therefore, we are eager to introduce you to our varying range of delightful and aromatic scent products in our scentious family.

We promise our handcrafted products made with love and nature’s finest plants and oils would relax you and enlighten your mood and day J
We welcome you to our Scentious family!
Delightful aroma, delightful you.

Products Details

Vanilla bean candle:

Our vanilla bean candle is made up of intoxicating Vanila (Hot Milk, Almond, Sweet Cream,Vanilla Bean, Sandalwood) made for holistic therapeutic care for providing well-being to the body, mind, and spirit. This scent is refreshing and relaxing which has the ability to lift your mood and help you feel better.

Honeymoon candle:
Our honeymoon candle is derived from soft rose and jasmine petals. It possess a soft floral scent which provides fresh odor to the room as it rejuvenates the surrounding and enlighten ones mood to a whole new level

Citrus candle:

It is made from mixture of citrus fruits (Orange Lemon Grapefruit). It has the ability to provide a refreshing scent in a warm atmosphere and helps to relax a persons mind.

Arabian oudh candle:

Like its name the strong fragrance is believed to be perfect to lighten up on a cold and rainy evening.

Lavender candle:

This candle enhances a soothing ambiance to the atmosphere and has the ability to relieve tension, stress and anxiety.